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Plymouth School Staff

Mrs. Morocco
Vice Principal Mrs. Beck
Secretary Mrs. Buchanan
Kindergarten Mrs. Ranalli Marr and Ms.Koziej
  Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Ethier
Primary Ms. Li
  Mrs. Luciano
  Ms. Shields
  Mrs. Howlett
Junior/Intermediate Ms. McVey
  Mrs. Zanatta
  Ms. Mitchell
  Mrs. McMahon
  Mr. Yando
  Mr Crowe
Communications Class Ms. Fast
LRT Mr. McNaughton (Jr/Int)
  Mrs. Pearson(FDK/Pr)
French Mme Scott
Library Mrs. Miralles
Instructional Coach Ms. Demers/Mrs. Pearson
Educational Assistants Mrs. Frank
Miss Bond
  Mrs Barbour
  Ms. Harris
  Mrs. Abrahams
  Ms. Dumoulin
  Ms. Geyer, Ms. Humphrys, Ms. Benjamins
  Ms. Connors
Youth Counsellor Ms. Watton
Social Worker Mr. Peirce
Special Education Team Mrs. Smith, Ms. West, Ms. Furry
Lunchroom Supervisors Mrs. Tremblay
Mrs. Simpson
  Mrs. Belanger
Caretakers Mrs. Bedard
  Mrs. Bass
  Ms. McPherson